Verified Badges

In October 2017, we introduced verified badges on NPS. Verified badges help people more easily find sponsored and influential anglers.

What is a Verified badge?

A verified badge is a symbol that appears next to a user’s name in feeds, search and on their profile. It means that a brand on NPS or we have confirmed that the account is a sponsored angler or otherwise recognized influential angler.

The decision was made to move to the verified symbol which has replaced the old “Pro” badge we previously used to indicate sponsored angler on NPS. We believe verified is a more appropriate word and symbol to highlight a sponsored or influential angler.

Verified accounts are reviewed as part of our efforts to make sure that the NPS experience stays authentic. Though we don't proactively monitor verified accounts for changes, we may take away an account's verified status if the angler loses their sponsor on NPS, posts spam or content that doesn't follow our Terms of Use, or is no longer considered influential by NPS.

Can I request a verified badge for my NPS Profile?

Right now, only sponsored anglers by brands on NPS and some anglers we’ve identified as unsponsored but highly influential anglers such as public figures and industry celebrities have verified badges. It's not currently possible to request or purchase a verified badge.

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