What are my chances of getting sponsored?

1 out of 5 people that apply to brands through NPS get sponsored. Why? Every month, thousands of individuals spam fishing brands via emails, tradeshows, and cold calling looking for sponsorship. The vast majority of those people aren’t very serious and the serious anglers get lost in the masses. Because of this, anglers deserving of sponsorship most often never get looked at or receive a response!

We created the solution for anglers that are serious about getting sponsored. These anglers can pay a small NPS service fee that filters out those thousands of non-serious spam applicants and therefore brands only get applications from people serious about their brand. This results in a great chance towards getting sponsored. 

NPS has created a standard template resume companies want to read that you will have to submit, therefore taking the leg work and guessing out of what companies want to know about you. Since you will be submitting the right information to the company through NPS, and the screening process is made simple for the companies, your chances are greatest through NPS to get sponsored! 

Check out all the anglers that have been recently sponsored though NPS!

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